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Learn to Create Traditional Tanjore Paintings with Natural Ingredients

~*~ Course is taught in old Nayaks Period technique, which emphasizes the use of    natural colors and ingredients.

~*~ Understanding of Fresco Secco and teaches students to handle natural materials traditionally.

~*~ Course provides hands-on training in all aspects of creating Tanjore paintings, including creating 2 types of natural gum, intricate jesso work, gold work and techniques for facial and finger expressions.

~*~ Course DOES NOT involve synthetic art materials like acrylic / water colours, pens, plastic stones, paper..etc

~*~ Acquire an Eco-Friendly and Timeless Piece of Art. Not only is the final artwork environmentally conscious, but it is also enhanced with natural colors that deepen and enrich over the years. You'll possess a legacy painting that you can be proud of.

Exploring the Simplicity of Learning and Creating a Tanjore Painting

~*~ Course provides learners with a wealth of resources, including elaborate videos, written methodologies, and clear pictures, to guide them in completing their painting projects.

~*~ Additionally, our Guru will review each step of your work, offering valuable feedback and assistance to ensure that the final piece is of the highest quality.

~*~ Our Flexible Learning curriculum is designed to be the best in class and caters to all learning age groups, ensuring that everyone can complete the painting course.