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ard.jpgKerala Mural Painting

Ardhanarishvara represents the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of the universe and illustrates how Shakti, the female principle of God, is inseparable from Shiva, the male principle of God. 


This course is designed to create ecstatic Goddess Saraswathi depicted in Kerala Mural art. The essence of this course lies in the adoption of the original methodologies of the artwork followed during the earlier times.   

The material kit comprises natural and pure ingredients. The course does not involve any kind of synthetic art materials of modern times like Fevicol, poster colors, plastic stones, or pens.   

The resultant artwork will be a 100% natural, eco-friendly and enriched painting of the bygone era.  


Course Brief: 

 Size of the painting: 12*15 inches 

 The course begins with a structured introduction to Kerala Mural art and the fundamentals to be followed by the students.   

The course will take students through the processes and materials involved in the artwork. It teaches the methodologies of handling the materials in traditional ways, providing an opportunity to extend and deepen their understanding of the ‘Fresco Secco concept in the creative development of Kerala Murals.  

The true substance of the course is the natural ingredients that do not fade with time. The natural colors react with the lime baseboard to mature and accentuate over time naturally.  

This course will enable the students to experience Kerala Murals in their original form. The final artwork created will contribute to the revival and promotion of the mutated authentic art form.  


How does it Work?  

The course is formulated in such a way that the student clearly understands the procedures of the artwork.   

The material kit provided by the academy is suitable for the creation of the painting of ecstatic Goddess Saraswathi. The kit includes all the required ingredients for the main painting and the practice assignments. 

  • The course consists of demo videos, photographs, and detailed written methodologies of each step.  
  • The course is divided into multiple modules. Each module has an assignment that needs to be submitted.  
  • The assignment shall be done as an exercise before implementing the techniques on the actual canvas. 
  • The submitted assignment shall be evaluated by the instructor within 48 hours.
  • The observations will be sent via messages for rectification.
  • Once the rectifications are approved, one can implement the techniques on the actual canvas.
  • The submission followed by the approval of the finished steps completes a module.
  • Completion of each module is mandatory for accessing the subsequent module.