Tanjore Paintings 

Welcome to the realm of traditional Tanjore paintings, where art speaks of a time long gone, yet forever present. In this course, aspiring artists will be initiated into the mystical world of this ancient art form, its techniques, and materials.

The journey commences with a structured introduction, laying the foundation for the students to embark upon a creative odyssey. Through this endeavor, the students will gain a profound understanding of the 'Fresco Secco' concept, which lies at the heart of Tanjore painting.

The course will unveil the secrets of handling materials traditionally, using natural ingredients that stand the test of time. The natural colors, when combined with the lime baseboard, mature and accentuate over time, breathing life into the canvas.

Through this knowledge and experience, students will be able to immerse themselves in the royal traditional art form in its authentic form. The final artwork created will serve as a tribute to this fading art form, contributing to its revival and promotion, thereby preserving a precious legacy for generations to come.


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Overview This course is designed to create a timeless piece of Tanjore painting. The essence of this course lies in the adoption of the original methodologies of the artwork followed during the earlier times. The material kit comprises natural and …  


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